Are you looking for a consultant to help you through the transition from diesel to battery electric and hydrogen / fuel cell? If so, this checklist may help you ….

Have they been the Senior Commercial Vehicle Consultant to the UK National Grid ( Ventures Division)?

Do they have over 30 years experience in the commercial vehicle industry?

Are they International Speakers in US, India and Europe on Battery / Hydrogen Fuel Cell?

Have they been consultants to many of the global Truck and Van manufacturers?

Are they Council Members of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership?

Were they Contributors to the Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce report for the UK Government?

Have they an Electric Vehicle Certificate from European Energy Centre?

Have they a Renewable Energy Management and Finance Certificate from European Energy Centre?

Do they have experience of driving various electric vans and trucks and hold a HGV Licence?

If they can answer “YES” to all these questions then you should take them on as your consultants! 

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