At Campbells Consultancy, we strongly believe that electric will power the majority of van and trucks operating in the urban environment by 2030. Over the past five years, we’ve witnessed a surge in interest in electric van and trucks from all parties – from OEMs to operators – in all corners of the globe. The whole area of “ACE” technology, Autonomy, Connectivity and Electrification are sectors in which Campbells are helping clients better understand  by providing help and advice to buyers and suppliers in this ever-changing environment.

With over 50 years’ combined expertise in the commercial vehicle industry, we’ve experienced a range of exciting trends – from the introduction of pioneering emission reduction systems to semi-autonomous safety systems – and we keep a keen eye on what lies ahead.

The electrification of urban distribution is one such process. While the idea of an electric van and truck is nothing new, increasing scrutiny of combustion engines from governments around the world has led to a huge rise of interest from manufacturers and operators.

Electric Vehicle Consultants

European OEMs alone invested €25bn in 2018, a five-fold increase on 2010, on electric vehicles while, at the same time, consolidating their R&D operations so that various subsidiaries around the world are working with, rather than against, each other. This helps create one global solution to one global problem.

The rate at which electric vehicles have evolved over the past five years has made them a much more viable product, with battery costs, size and weights falling and the range and output increasing, and this will undoubtedly accelerate in years to come.

Despite this, the understanding and infrastructure for electric vehicles is still in the embryonic stage and they require a mindset transformation, whether you’re selling, buying, managing or operating.

In this complicated and ever-changing environment, Campbells Consultancy offers advice, training, viability reports and various other services to help you understand the benefits and implications that electric vehicles could present to your business, fully independent from manufacturers and third parties.

Electric Vehicle Training

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