electric van sales training

Electric vans will dominate urban logistics over the next 10 years – are your sales team switched on and can they speak confidently about products, limitations, legislation and infrastructure? If not, our one-day electric van sales training course is just the answer!

Campbells Consultancy offers a comprehensive electric van course aimed at giving your sales team the confidence to advise and sell electric vans. In total, there are six modules that form part of the course:

  • Product overview and F&B. We look at the technical details and specifications of the products – highlighting the key Features & Benefits.
  • Market analysis. This looks at how future legislation is changing the traditional dynamics of urban logistics.  
  • Competition. We examine at the growing competition in the market, from traditional manufacturers to the new start-ups and new Chinese manufacturers.
  • Charging infrastructure. What charger do I need? How long will it take? What’s the cheapest and efficient way to charge?
  • Technical overview. This is a brief outline how electric technology works.
  • Driving and loading. This final module explains how we can get the most of every charge, while staying the right side of the law.

Our industry is changing. Increasing research into the harmful effects that diesel vans and trucks are having to the air quality in the urban environment is leading to the introduction of emission zones, not just in the capitol, but in cities up and down the country. Manufacturers have been responding to this by developing zero emission delivery vehicles, and around 10 OEMs now offer electric vans on their price list (in 2008, this was 0).

Electric van sales have grown 160% in 2019, and are expected to grow to 15% of all LCV sales by 2025. Don’t get caught behind the times; make your business future proof by investing in electric van training today!

Our electric van training basics course is a 6-hour session which covers all the fundamental knowledge required to sell electric vans, like infrastructure, technology, types of chargers, competitors, etc. Having specialist electric van training gives your staff the confidence to advise, and crucially, sell electric vans.

Our whole understanding of vans could be about to change, and there’s no doubting the potential that properly trained sales staff in electrical vehicles can achieve. We want to share our passion and expertise with your sales teams.

As technology advances, the batteries will become lighter (and therefore result in higher payloads) and ranges become longer, which will fuel further interest in this sector. As sales increase, manufacturers will invest more which – in turn – results in better vehicles. There’s no doubt that the electric vans are the sector to watch moving forward.

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