Our flagship van sales training course that will enable your sales teams to advise, recommend products and encourage best practise, providing a more professional sales or leasing experience to your customers.

This gives a much more comprehensive insight into technical and competitive commercial vehicle market, allowing your team to clearly qualify the customer, identify exactly where your product sits in the markets and its advantages over the competitors, specialist marketing techniques to get your message to local businesses, work with bodybuilders and converters. The six modules include:

  • Customer Qualification. What questions the sales team needs to ask to ensure the correct engine, axle ratio, load length, GVW, roof height, etc. is selected.
  • Conversions. We look at how to work with bodybuilders, type approval, IVAs, WLTP and the different types of conversions.
  • LCV Marketing. Effective specialist B2B marketing methods, including digital, to get your vans into the faces of local businesses.
  • Competitor Comparisons. Competitor brochures always tell you the good points – but what about where they fall short? We drill down to find competitor weaknesses and how to leverage those points with your customer.
  • Advanced Legislation. The authorities are placing increasing scrutiny on the van industry, and so its more important than ever to ensure your customers are staying the right side of the law.
  • Safe loading. This helps your teams to give guidance on how to correctly load and retrain items. For example, did you know that you can be overloaded – despite being within your payload – dependant on where you place your load in the cargo area?

Also thinking of going electric? Campbells Consultancy now hosts an ‘Electric Van Sales Training’ course, a comprehensive look at this new type of propulsion from charging infrastructure, a technical overview and best practise for ownership.

Don’t forget, we also offer tailored training courses to suit the level and needs of your business.

For more information on our courses, please contact Liam (liam@campbellsconsultancy.com) for more information.

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