Introducing CLIMOR – the essential guide to electrifying your fleet.

CLIMOR (Cost, Location, Infrastructure, Market, Operation, Range) helps fleets get to grips with electrification, and highlights the potential benefits it can bring to their business while also acknowledging the huge potential challenges and implications.

  • Cost. This examines the costs involved like charging and infrastructure, unit costs and tariffs, total vehicle life costs, second-life, leasing, tax benefits, etc.
  • Location. We look at the geography, local infrastructure, low emissions zones, etc.
  • Infrastructure. New versus old, size of depot and fleet, energy storage, energy costs and more.
  • Market. Parcel delivery, supermarket, utility company.
  • Operation. Ancillary equipment, number of drops, hours, day or night, route, etc.
  • Range. Size of vehicle, payload/battery size conundrum, charging regime, etc.

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